Saturday, March 19, 2011


Me, just like another ordinary girls, nothing so special about, 20 years old, catching my dreams up, bussy with lovelife and study as a student in one of university in Malaysia taking an IT majority.

My weekdays activity is just around campus and home, honestly taking IT as my major in university its not my dream ,called it coincidence. I've always in love with art, such as coloring, drawing, sketch, design and so on.. I do have my passion on it. However, I have no background in Art and design major either experience, but I hope I can take those majority someday ,wish me luck.

I grew up in small town in south Sulawesi (Pangkep), Pangkep is a district of Makasar this town holds so many memories,I spend my childhood there, elementary,junior high school, senior high school, and also was born there. Basically I grew up in religious family so I spent my high school in Islamic school that obligate  every student to wear hijab. Firstly at that time I wore hijab only when I went to school. Then I decided to wear it fully time when I was in third year high school it was felt there was a call from my heart. Now here I am, I know that after I wore hijab, it doesn't mean that I won't make any mistake in rest of my life. sometimes I didnt use my hijab, its still difficult to me to use hijab in every activity and adapt it in every situation I know its bad but but I've tried my best to at least minimize it. Nobodies perfect right, everyone has their own life journey, but I believe Allah always bring  ad guide us more closer to the right way.

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