Friday, March 25, 2011

Tita road to KL

last week one of my best friends TITA came to KL for watch SUJU (Korean boyband) concert live, she is my friends since we are in high school, she stayed for few days with me, kinda miss her, last time I met her when Idul fitri last year. There are many stories over the past few days, starting from accompany here going to SUJU concert, being her tour guide in KL,being my roomate for a couple days, yahh a lot... will miss you Tita :*
one of the fans shared some goodies 

another SUJU goodies

messages for SUJU

Me and Tita

I dont even know the meaning (writen by hangul)

yeay my roomate Cita 

Tita you spend too much for this goodies,towel,pin,t-shirt,poster etc WOW

such a cute caricature

ready to ROCKS 

please queued behind ME ! 

too crowded

we love SUSHI so mucho *eyes blink blink

hmmm *anakgaul Bukit bintang

huaaaa bye bye my lovely TITA (Anita Fitriany Partang) thankies fo the short holiday 
will miss you girls :*

this is one of my favorite t-shirt read the words carefully hehe .. IM YOURS ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ ​​

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