Sunday, January 29, 2012

bear hug

hello been a long time, already 2012, actually this post is about 2011 but it kinda "expired story" since I'm too lazy hehe *my bad ,so in my free time last year I decided to spent it with my friends we headed to Pavilion and surprise there's a lined of colorful  and beautifully painted bears everywhere. It's actually like campaign that promote living together in peace and harmony. There were around 140 buddy bears that representing 140 country, wowww and each buddy bears also shows the individual design created by different artist of their native countries. Btw I'm looking for Indonesia buddy bears but sadly I can't find it, no worries I find it while I looking back the photo, there Indonesia buddy bear behind me, next time will take a picture with it :D

can u find Indonesia buddy bears ?






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