Friday, July 13, 2012


found this post on my draft list, I forgot to publish it  -____-

Hii all, been a month didn't post anything, okey let me tell you bout what's happened lately, Last month actually my birthday my 17 birthday yes SEVENTEEN, WHY?? there's something wrong am I look so young for 17 hahaha okeee take it easy I'll say yahhh honestly Im 21 WHAT? Iam already twenty one, not only TWO and ZERO but plus One,,, grossss Why time flies so fast.... O_o

So in my birthday day 11 March 2012 nothing special happened, unless my special call from my chubby boy BS,  It wasn't sweet or romantic call because I ruins it YES me the birthday girl ruins our sweet conversation, I mad at him on the phone, because ?? I do't even know the exact reason why I mad at him maybe because he didn't here in my birthday day, I wish he was there gimme sweet surprise like last year. (yah I know it was too childish), but no matter how mad Iam, I can't mad at him for long time my record being so mad at him just for a week and it was last year. The next morning he gave me present, a super duper cute presents, it is may not expensive but that is one of the romantic birthday that I ever had thanks love, you always know how to turn my anger into smilyyyy <3 

awchhh isn't he romantic? much love

He also edit one of my picture and put this poetry by Aneef Syed in it

Why We Love a Woman?

-You can feel her Care In form of a Sister.
-You can feel her Warmth In form of a Friend.
-You can feel her Passion In form of a Beloved One.

-You can feel her Dedication In form of a Wife.

-You can feel her divinity In form of a Mother.

-You can feel her Blessings In form of a Grandmother.

Yet She is so Tough too... Her Heart is so tender...
So Naughty... So Charming.. So Sharing... So Melodius .. ♥

"She is a Woman... She is Life.."

Respect Her!

I also got suprised from my housemate and my friends, thanks girl for the gift, for the messy room and messy house, thanks for make me as an instant cleaning service for a couple hours, and thanks for the beautiful masker  , love u all muach 

pardon, those things that hang on my wall 

there's an earthquake in my room , huaaaa

thanks girls for the free masker, nyam nyam

look at those happy face after make over my face and my room, very satisfied LOL



alhamdulillah, thanks ya ALLAH, I'm 21

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