Sunday, March 18, 2012

its not goodbye just a see you later

Its been a month since my last post, okey just wanna say HI to March my month kinda late to say hello it's already in the middle of the month haha , So let me tell you what happen lately, I start first week of march with my senior farewell party in Arabian Restaurant, She is my senior that teach me Saman Dance, for us the saman member she is like our real sisters here, she always give us advice when we have problem, be a good listener listen all my love story all the night, watching movies together, had our girls day out, Back into those sweet memories make us sad when she decided to go back to Indonesia , we will miss her advice and also her nagging when we are late for saman exercise.Yah this is life, time goes so fast I just can pray all the best and more blessed life for her, wish all her dreams comes true as soon as possible, then again it's not goodbye just see you later.
 We will miss you kak Winny Hasfiani <3

miss u kakak :)
saman girls 

And here some photos of ME :



Oh NOOO my eye bags , excuse those dark line under my eye I got sleepless night lately because I've to finish my assignment and also my Final Year project 

H&M top, logo jeans, guess watch, the little things she need shoes

Then tadaaaaaa I do love arabian food, especially for the lamb menu, If u are live in KL you've to try Lamb menu in "Hadramawt restaurant" I've tried lamb kabsa, Lamb Mendy, Lamb Maghdout all was so delicious not only the lamb the grill chicken is also so tempting and don't forget to order arabian tea :D

Lamb Kabsa nyammmmm