Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I should buy Samsung Tab

Found this short movie while watching Samsung official advertisement, aww this is a cute movie, the story is combine between the technology and love, I was thinking to buy samsung note, It will be fun for me and Mr.B to communicate and tell our story , webcaming, share pict etc everywhere everytime *stt especially when he's working .. "FINGHTING LDR LOVER"

Friday, July 13, 2012


found this post on my draft list, I forgot to publish it  -____-

Hii all, been a month didn't post anything, okey let me tell you bout what's happened lately, Last month actually my birthday my 17 birthday yes SEVENTEEN, WHY?? there's something wrong am I look so young for 17 hahaha okeee take it easy I'll say yahhh honestly Im 21 WHAT? Iam already twenty one, not only TWO and ZERO but plus One,,, grossss Why time flies so fast.... O_o

So in my birthday day 11 March 2012 nothing special happened, unless my special call from my chubby boy BS,  It wasn't sweet or romantic call because I ruins it YES me the birthday girl ruins our sweet conversation, I mad at him on the phone, because ?? I do't even know the exact reason why I mad at him maybe because he didn't here in my birthday day, I wish he was there gimme sweet surprise like last year. (yah I know it was too childish), but no matter how mad Iam, I can't mad at him for long time my record being so mad at him just for a week and it was last year. The next morning he gave me present, a super duper cute presents, it is may not expensive but that is one of the romantic birthday that I ever had thanks love, you always know how to turn my anger into smilyyyy <3 

awchhh isn't he romantic? much love

He also edit one of my picture and put this poetry by Aneef Syed in it

Why We Love a Woman?

-You can feel her Care In form of a Sister.
-You can feel her Warmth In form of a Friend.
-You can feel her Passion In form of a Beloved One.

-You can feel her Dedication In form of a Wife.

-You can feel her divinity In form of a Mother.

-You can feel her Blessings In form of a Grandmother.

Yet She is so Tough too... Her Heart is so tender...
So Naughty... So Charming.. So Sharing... So Melodius .. ♥

"She is a Woman... She is Life.."

Respect Her!

I also got suprised from my housemate and my friends, thanks girl for the gift, for the messy room and messy house, thanks for make me as an instant cleaning service for a couple hours, and thanks for the beautiful masker  , love u all muach 

pardon, those things that hang on my wall 

there's an earthquake in my room , huaaaa

thanks girls for the free masker, nyam nyam

look at those happy face after make over my face and my room, very satisfied LOL



alhamdulillah, thanks ya ALLAH, I'm 21

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sometimes we just have to stop, think for a second and be thankful. Whatever the situation. Count the blessings that Allah has given you and say Alhamdulillah. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make us happy :")

Sunday, March 18, 2012

its not goodbye just a see you later

Its been a month since my last post, okey just wanna say HI to March my month kinda late to say hello it's already in the middle of the month haha , So let me tell you what happen lately, I start first week of march with my senior farewell party in Arabian Restaurant, She is my senior that teach me Saman Dance, for us the saman member she is like our real sisters here, she always give us advice when we have problem, be a good listener listen all my love story all the night, watching movies together, had our girls day out, Back into those sweet memories make us sad when she decided to go back to Indonesia , we will miss her advice and also her nagging when we are late for saman exercise.Yah this is life, time goes so fast I just can pray all the best and more blessed life for her, wish all her dreams comes true as soon as possible, then again it's not goodbye just see you later.
 We will miss you kak Winny Hasfiani <3

miss u kakak :)
saman girls 

And here some photos of ME :



Oh NOOO my eye bags , excuse those dark line under my eye I got sleepless night lately because I've to finish my assignment and also my Final Year project 

H&M top, logo jeans, guess watch, the little things she need shoes

Then tadaaaaaa I do love arabian food, especially for the lamb menu, If u are live in KL you've to try Lamb menu in "Hadramawt restaurant" I've tried lamb kabsa, Lamb Mendy, Lamb Maghdout all was so delicious not only the lamb the grill chicken is also so tempting and don't forget to order arabian tea :D

Lamb Kabsa nyammmmm 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

bon voyage

Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé. 
Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour.

This place always invited me to come back again




Jenahara two tone shawl, Forever21 long sleeve, forever21 jeans, the little things she needs shoes and bag

I do really love this shoes got it around $30 from the little things she needs, really affordable right? very comfy and yup I love brown, It's match with my shawl :D

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


yeay I'm really thankful for everything lately, after the long wait ,finally I step up into the last part as a university students, glad to announced that now I'm doing my "Final year project" yeaaaa yeaaa yeaaa *dancing.  This is the hardest part over this past 3 years, but no matter how hard will be I still will hang on and finish until I accomplish all my responsibility. Thinking about graduation ceremony always makes me smile, wearing my graduation gown, and the best part that I can Imagine is looking my parents smile proudly and give me a bouquet flowers hmmm heaven. Amin Amin Amin 

Flashback to my bf graduation always gave me a strength and motivated that someday I'll be in that part. No more crazy frenzy paper, assignment and those kind of sleepless night at least before I enter the next part of my life. freee like a birddddddddd even for temporary :D

Hopefully everything will be okay and goes well . Will do my best this time. Guys pray for me wish me tons of luck *FIGHTING !!!!!!

Every student's goal 
to live that moment 
every parent's dream 
begun when a child is born 
euphoria years away
a simple thought brings in a smile 
 "Graduation Day"- a feeling of pride

special bouquet from lovely people <3

Next My turn :D

Mas Ganteng, My boy <3

Yeay we're graduated



Me : Looking him full with ENVIOUS expression, Why u left me so fast senior? lol

special cupcake for Mr. Bayu Santoso Bsc.Hons Comp


YOU and ME 


nyummmmm how is it? red velvet cupcake your fav dear

Saturday, February 4, 2012



Saya tidak pernah bisa memastikan pencarian ini akan berhenti di kamu tetapi saya ingin berhenti di kamu.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

bear hug

hello been a long time, already 2012, actually this post is about 2011 but it kinda "expired story" since I'm too lazy hehe *my bad ,so in my free time last year I decided to spent it with my friends we headed to Pavilion and surprise there's a lined of colorful  and beautifully painted bears everywhere. It's actually like campaign that promote living together in peace and harmony. There were around 140 buddy bears that representing 140 country, wowww and each buddy bears also shows the individual design created by different artist of their native countries. Btw I'm looking for Indonesia buddy bears but sadly I can't find it, no worries I find it while I looking back the photo, there Indonesia buddy bear behind me, next time will take a picture with it :D

can u find Indonesia buddy bears ?






accent blazers , forever21 jeans, marie claire shoes