Monday, April 18, 2011

Flower, sunshine and Smile

 Simple chic to make your weekend more colorful ,maxi dress white + flower shirt + wedges 

photo by : cita mutiara

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MONOPHONE this is one of the music event that held by Limkokwing University, It was an awesome and stormy event full laugh,love, and of course screaming, they present NAIF and (The Trees and The Wild),  you can say that Naif is the retro band even thought Naif doesnt want to classified their song into a particular genre. This is the second time I watched Naif concert overall is totally awesome, I can feel the euphoria, cant't stop screaming during the show, David vocal performance was tremendous! he can interact with all audience, then Pepeng totally rocked the drums,he showed his skill by played solo drums, I love how he combine the rhythms and the beats.Overall they were too AMAZING, they were rock the stage with their song, air dan api, curi curi pandang, and my favorite song karena kamu cuma satu. 

Then The Trees and The wild, I know this band from my roomate, first time I heard their song its very ear catching, they sounded like a low-fi indie popo and at other times there is an epic post-rock vibe it, they also sounded very alternative-folk and sometime there is a pinch of playful jazz in their music. During the concert I couldn't divert my gaze from Iga masardi he is toooooooo cool I'm in love with him hehehe the melody of the guitar just take my heart very beautiful symphony. Their song are unpredictable. You might think that they are slowing taking you on one direction and it changes direction almost instantly. They just hypnotize me too LOVE.  

photo by : cita mutiara

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a busy day

I'm in the quarter of my semester now which is means a due date for all my assignment come closer, I need to rushing all those things and finished all, the due date its like a train track, like a book series, huaa I'm gonna be old grandma, no watching movie no hangout with my close friends the only thing that I'm gonna do is dating with this assignment.

I've 6 module for this semester, then also 6 killer assignment, 1 module will submit this April then the rest of it will submit in May.. YES May I even didn't touch it,huaa rushing rushing rushing, so for the brighting future I MUST finishing all those assignment as soon as possible. I swear after this pain day I need my long holiday,can't wait to meet you Bali...

Okay enough now time to go back with my lovely assignment (rada2 gak iklhas ngucapinnya)
see you all wish me luck  for my assignment 
moachh :*