Saturday, April 16, 2011

a busy day

I'm in the quarter of my semester now which is means a due date for all my assignment come closer, I need to rushing all those things and finished all, the due date its like a train track, like a book series, huaa I'm gonna be old grandma, no watching movie no hangout with my close friends the only thing that I'm gonna do is dating with this assignment.

I've 6 module for this semester, then also 6 killer assignment, 1 module will submit this April then the rest of it will submit in May.. YES May I even didn't touch it,huaa rushing rushing rushing, so for the brighting future I MUST finishing all those assignment as soon as possible. I swear after this pain day I need my long holiday,can't wait to meet you Bali...

Okay enough now time to go back with my lovely assignment (rada2 gak iklhas ngucapinnya)
see you all wish me luck  for my assignment 
moachh :*

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