Friday, October 28, 2011


A month ago I had just attended a birthday party, It was a nice party, white decoration, gurgling water, all the guests also wear something white shades, surrounded by loved ones and the best wishes

This brings me back to three years ago, my seventeen birthday, when most of the teenagers die hard to celebrate their sweet17th in a big and famous cafe or restaurant. They invited not only classmates but also everyone they know. Me, on the opposite,  no party no big celebration. Even though my parents can afford for a big birthday party, I will not ask them to do it for me. Why?

For some people maybe party can be one way to spread the happiness, love and gratitude to God. but since I'm not a party goer ,I'm not saying that because I hate it ,I just want to keep my seventeen humble without spending a lot of money only to show that I'm seventeen now ,I'd better choose treat my friends for their lunch or bruch lol (*noted this is based on my perception every people has their own perception) so peace love and gaul hahahha :)

That time I just trying to be more wisely because seventeen is an age where this sweet little girl transform to be a women, I've to more mature than before, the age where my parents treat me not as their little children by not giving orders but discussing it, ask for my opinion allow me to give comment and those mature thingy hehe and also the best part I can make my own decisions..

Okay, now back to my sweet 17, So I didn't celebrate it with a big party, full of classmates or friends I have. This surprise planned by my mom my sister and my closest people. So that night my mom scolded me with no apparent cause the same thing came from my closest people, because I feel pissed of , I decided to sleep early ,but in the middle of the night my sister woke me up and say there's my friends outside. When I went to open the door I was surprised there are my beloved people brought a birthday cake complete with candles showed 17 Followed by my besties with their guitar sang happy birthday, one word "speechless" aww feel really blessed. Never Imagined they would do that to me..

Whatta wonderful birthday gift from Allah. I was so blessed, I should be thankful because Allah not letting me forget and take my special day just like an ordinary day. It was special ad supposedly celebrated in a special way as well, wasn't it? 

btw Happy birthday Riska Septia Fandwi :)))
wish u hv a great year ahead  and stay gorgeous <3

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