Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today is Earth Hour and I was participated, just off the light and stuff I'm not using. I f u dunno what is Earth Hour lemme tell u little bit bout it.

Earth hour started in 2007 in Sydney, when more than 2,2 million peoples turned their light off for one hour to take a stand against climate change. Then a year later over  35 countries also participating, 2010 become the biggest 128 countries and territories joined this global display action, include Indonesia. The global landmarks from Asia Pacific to Europe and Afrika such as CN Tower in Toronto, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, and also Eiffel Tower, Rome Collosseum, all stood in darkness, People across the worlds from all walks of life turned off their light, just for one reason - save our planet. So make difference for our mother world, it getting older. Together we can !!

This is the link for Earth Hour 2011 Official video Earth Hour 2011 :)

While I searching this video, You tube also participating for Earth Hour, they changed the You - Tube look into black, check this out. :D

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