Saturday, March 26, 2011


I love hello kitty so mucho , she is very cute yeah a little weird but I do don't care.. lemme tell u a little story bout Hello Kitty :)

Original Name : Kitty White
Birthday : 36 (as of January 2011)
Place of Birth : London, Englnd
Favorite food :  Apple Pie (baked y Grandma)
Favorite words : "Friendship" 

In her own make-believe world ,Hello Kitty lives  with her father, George White, Mother, Mary White, and her twin sister Mimmy White. Hello Kitty is a nicknamefor Kitty White. How to tell the difference between Kitty and Mimmy? look at both of their bow, Hello kitty prefers a red bow in her left ear than Mimmy prefers a yellow bow on her right ear (just a fiction story guys).

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